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Welcome to Laura's Issue Analysis Page!


Set up the Story


My issue deals with the current situation that the Bureau Valley School District is dealing with. The issue we are currently dealing with is deficit spending. Analysis of the situation shows that we are in deficit spending and that it will continue to grow because of

  • declining EAVs
  • projected decreases in enrollments


To get a flavor of the Bureau Valley School District please visit the following PPT presentation--Welcome to BV!http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/Welcome%20to%20BV%21.ppt


The problems that Bureau Valley School District is experiencing is not unique to the rural setting. As Mathis (2003) states, rural constituents receive little attention from legislative lawmakers regarding educational financial equity or adequacy issues. Not only is the problem political, rural citizens have not had the advantage of having studies done that focus in on the unique adequacy and equity issues. Please click on the ProBlems link to read of the issues concerning rural school districts.


Bureau Valley #340 realizes the discussions of cutting programs and closing buildings that come as a result of deficit spending can be a highly charged. We must remember that our decisions must always be based on what is best for the education of our children. Walton (1982) states that school closings symbolize a fundamental administrative dilemma: Running an efficient, effective school system and making the community happy can be extremely difficult. Communities differ in their reaction to the closing of schools. Walton (1982) states that in analysis of such schools, certain factors must be weighed in to garner community buy in. Please click on the FacTors link to see this analysis.


We at Bureau Valley want to take a proactive approach to dealing with this deficit. We want to take take the time to study the issue and determine the best option for our students and community. Administrators will determine four options to study and make informational presentations to the board/community via meetings and retreat, community forums will be established for public input and surveys sent out, and board & administrators will meet in committees to study the various options. Course of action for the 2006-07 year should be determined by the March 2006 board meeting.


Develop the Action


Bureau Valley administration has been studying this trend and has taken the following steps to educate the school, community, and public

  • Asst. superintendent and superintendent made presentations to the school board
  • Asst. superintendent and superintendent made presentation to the teachers via the curriculum advisory committee
  • Administration and school board conducted a retreat at the central office where the public were invited to attend--please visit the agenda of this retreat at the following link http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/agenda%20word.doc
  • Public is invited to a Public Forum where the board and administration address the concerns of the public and the assistant superintendent made the following presentation http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/Bureau%20Valley%20Forum.ppt
  • Board committees (building, curriculum, personnel, and finance) have set meeting dates in regards to option suggestions--public is invited
  • Survey was mailed to all community members in regards to their prioritization of cuts


We are currently studying options so that we can take a proactive approach to dealing with the growing deficit. The four options were discussed at the public forum and can be viewed on that presentation. The community expressed their preferences in terms of cuts they would like to see in decreasing the deficit. The results of the survey showed

  • #1 choice for all districts was to close buildings
  • #2 choice for all districts was to cut programs
  • #3 choice was to raise taxes

The survey is available in a word document at the following link--http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/TOP%20SECTION%20SURVEY%20GRAND%20TOTALS%20FROM%20ALL%20DISTRICTS.doc & http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/BOTTOM%20SECTION%20SURVEY%20GRAND%20TOTALS%20ALL%20DISTRICTS.doc


Our decision will be based on what is best for the education of our children. The decision that the board needs to make is not an easy one. Closing a building eats at the heart of a community. The following buildings make up our school district and every community within the district has a school operating within it.


  • Wyanet



  • Buda



  • Walnut



  • Sheffield



  • Manlius



  • Manlius





Where do want to go?


We need to be proactive, continue to communicate, and be strategic in our decisions. As Stauber (2006) states, we need to invest in rural America for the long term. By investing in rural America we produce healthy, well-educated future citizens. This investment will pay huge dividends. Visit the InvestInRuralAmerica page to see other reasons why.


In the immediate future, we need to make better use of our buildings while keeping in mind that we don't want to negatively impact our educational programs for the children. We have a projected deficit of $330,551 for the 2006-07 school year and that amount will continue to grow because of the reasons aforementioned. I feel the best decision is option #3. By implementing option #3, Bureau Valley nearly covers the deficit and more effectively utilizes its existing buildings.


By moving the children in the 3-5 attendance centers and creating two K-8 attendance centers, the buildings are more effectively utilized. Personnel at the two attendance centers are more effectively utilized as well. The cuts in staff mentioned in option #3 are a natural progression of better utilizing the building and personnel. We would like to make a decision by the March board meeting as any decisions may affect personnel cuts.


Closing a school can be one of the most difficult situations an administrator can face. However, as administrators we are faced with the challenge of balancing the needs of our students and community with the fiscal restraints we are dealt with. At the present time, I do believe this decision is in the best interest of the students as it keeps all programs at status quo. An ideal that was set forth with the Committee of Ten when the Bureau Valley School District was first formed. May our decisions always be based on what is best for the children! http://lnelson.pbwiki.com/f/oct_readers_2.jpg





My sources for my Issues Analysis is located on the IssueReferences page.


Please visit my ProfessionalPortfolio to learn more about me!


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